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Hometown Berlin, Germany
Band Members Charles Matuschewski - Keys; Jan Burkamp - Metall; ... » more
Upcoming Shows None
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Yeeeaaaah! Eh eh, eh eh! Let’s face it once and for all…this is the 21st century…nine years in my friend. My, my, my, things have certainly changed since the announcement of the New World Order. But, of course, you know that. However,...








Technical Requirements

Details of these basic requirements should be agreed on BEFORE the situation of the event pending to adjustment.

Performance time: in Clubs between Midnight and 3 a.m., otherwise upon agreement

Length of program: From 30 min. to 1 hr 30 min., depending upon agreement

Stage size: At least 3meters wide and 5 meters long (3 x 5 meters)

Monitors: 4 x 15” Stagemonitor Sub, 2” Horn, 500 Watt
for 4 individual monitor auxiliary lines
Technical data:
15”subwoofer, 2”horn,500 Watts (with appropriate amplifier)
preferably d&b max or something like it

Mics and DI: 5 Perc.Mics ( 2 Condensator mics as overheads + 3 SM57s)
7 Mic stands + cable
1 Vocal mic ( Shure Beta 58)
1 Harmonica/ Trompet
2 DI boxes for the video trailer
The Keyboarder und E-Drummer have their own DIs
Multicore 24/8

FOH: 24 Channel Mixer w/6 Aux Sends (4 Pre /2 Post)
6 31-Band EQs ( located at FOH !)-2 Master EQs,4 Monitor EQs
6 Compressors
4 Gates
FX Unit TC M2000
Director Space: A table at least 1,5 by 0,8 meters large on the stage;
respectively with a view of the stage due to lack of space

Video Beamer: Light capacity: 2500 ANSI-Lumen or more
Magnitude: XGA (1024 x768)
Contrast: 2000:1
Video suspension or brace
Cable connection to video director space
(S Video, cinch or BND cable)
Contact person for questions:
Regina Teichs (Video) +49 (0)178 / 449 17 10

Projection surface: White, Side ratio 4:3, minimum size 4:3 meters, BEHIND the band
at least 1,5 meters over the stage floor

Audio Recording: depending on agreement
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